Allsorts Youth Project

There are a number of ways that Allsorts Youth Project support young people:

- They facilitate age-appropriate workshops and activities that are fun, interactive and often aim to promote positive mental health and wellbeing.

- Provide safe spaces for young people to develop friendships with their peers.

- Through their advocacy service, they support young people who are 16 to understand their rights should they ever face discrimination or issues as a result of their LGBT identity.

- Support young people to feel more at ease with their gender identity, and sexual orientation and in exploring and understanding who they are.

- Provide specialist LGBT youth support and education in schools, colleges and other youth settings, with the aim to positively promote LGBT awareness and inclusion. 

- Support young people to engage with mainstream services that range from careers advice to counselling and more.

- Provide young people with positive LGBT role models of varying ages, ethnicities, faiths, backgrounds and abilities. This develops cross-generational understanding and a better sense of community history and diverse representation.

- Offering support to parents and carers.

- Celebrate diversity in all its forms including ethnicity, background, faith and ability. 

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