Restorative Justice Hubs

Restorative Justice (RJ) is an approach that emphasises healing for victims, the accountability of offenders and the involvement of citizens in creating healthier, safer communities.

The process brings someone harmed by a crime into contact with the person responsible, aiming to repair the harm caused and find a positive way forward.

RJ is voluntary which means that everyone taking part in the process is there through choice.

Restorative Justice gives the victim the chance to explain to the offender the impact that their crime has had on THEM. It will only happen if the victim and the offender both want to take part and a trained facilitator decides that it's safe.

Restorative justice often involves a conference, where a victim meets their offender face to face. Sometimes, when this is not the right choice for you, the victim and offender can communicate via letters, recorded interviews or video instead. It's a process which puts you in control and gives you the opportunity to seek answers from your offender.

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