General Crime

What can I expect as a victim or witness of crime?

If you’ve witnessed or been the victim of a crime, you may feel overwhelmed, anxious or angry. There is help and support available to you, both through the criminal justice process, if you choose to report, and outside of it to help you recover and cope. You can find support on this website.

All criminal justice agencies have rules and regulations they have to stick to, this is called the Code of Practice for Victims of Crime. You can expect to be treated in a respectful, sensitive way without any discrimination.

What can I do to help protect myself from burglary?

You can join your local Neighbourhood Watch Scheme. This is where neighbours keep their eyes and ears open, helping to keep potential criminals out of the area.

Make sure you lock windows and doors when you are out or sleeping.

Install a security light

You can also get CCTV posters from your local policing team. You can contact them by finding your local one on the Sussex Police website.

You can find additional information and tips on the Sussex Police website.

If I had something stolen from me, and the police managed to recover it, would I get it back?

Yes, however it may be kept for evidence reasons first whilst an investigation and trial is underway.

What is a Community Speedwatch?

A Community Speedwatch is a national initiative where volunteer members of the communities use detection devices to monitor vehicle speeds. This data is reported to the police and is used to plan diversion activity, deploy police responses and send warning letters

A Community Speedwatch member does not have the power to fine speeding drivers, however, if the data sent to the police proves a driver is repeatedly speeding, the police can prosecute. The Police may attend alongside community speedwatch and can then require you to pull over and take official action if speeding is detected.

Community Speedwatch is set up to help reduce death and injury on the roads, improve quality of life for communities, reduce speed of vehicles, and increase public awareness and educate. 

If you spot speeding or antisocial driving, you can also help by reporting instances to Operation Crackdown, which is a joint initiative by the Sussex Safer Roads Partnership and Sussex Police. You can find more information out on the Sussex Safer Roads website and report directly on the Operation Crackdown website.

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