Cyber Crime

What is cyber crime?

Cyber crime is any crime that is committed using a form of Information Communications Technology (ICT), for example a computer. Cyber-dependent crimes are ones that can only be committed using ICT, such as hacking, whereas cyber-enabled crimes are traditional crimes (such as stalking or fraud) that can be increased through using ICT.

How do I report cyber crime?

If you have been a victim of a cyber scam or fraud you can report it to Action Fraud.

If you have been a victim of cyber stalking or other crime, you can report it directly to the police. If it is an emergency please dial 999.

If I report a cyber crime, will my phone or computer be taken for examination?

The decision to investigate a crime is based upon a range of factors, prioritising protecting the most vulnerable.

Sussex Police base their decision using their Investigations Framework. The investigative assessment looks at four key factors: vulnerabilty of the victim, severity of the offence, likelihood it can be solved and the most effective use of resources. If the decision is made to investigate, then your phone or computer may be taken to collect evidence and pursue further lines of enquiries. 

My phone or computer needs to be examined for evidence, i'm worried about the personal items I have on there.

Although your items will be thoroughly looked at, this will only be for evidence to help the investigation. Anything that is not relevant to the investigation will not be stored or used by the police.

Before your phone or computer is taken, you should have a full explanation of what they are taking it for. If you have any concerns or queries, do ask the officer on your case.

If my phone or computer is taken by the police, do I get a replacement? And when will I get mine back?

There are certain situations where the police will be able to provide a temporary replacement phone. This is mostly in cases where the victim is vulnerable and needs to be fully contactable for their safety.

The amount of time until you get your items back will depend on the investigation, the type of crime and how much evidence is on it to collect. The officer on your case should keep you updated.


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