At first glance stalking incidents might not be recognised as such or look like a crime: excessive texts or phone calls, turning up unannounced at a person’s place of work, following them in person or online  - all of this can be very frightening for victims and make them fearful of using public spaces.

For women and girls knowing there are safe spaces and a community around to support them can make a real difference.   

Want to learn more? FREE 2 hour stalking awareness sessions online or face to face will be running weekly from December 2021 to the end of March 2022.

The sessions aim to:

  • raise awareness of stalking, including an introduction to cyberstalking and the legal framework
  • understand the experience and impact of being stalked
  • learn how to respond to disclosures of stalking
  • understand the links between stalking and other forms of victimization
  • provide practical safety advice

While all are welcome these sessions are particularly aimed at employers, especially those working in the night-time economy.

Interested? Register using the form below.


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