Frequently asked questions about Sexual abuse

I've just been raped or assaulted - what should I do?

If you decide to report to the police, or if you want a forensic medical examination at the The Saturn Centre, time is an important consideration. If you want forensic evidence to be collected, you should try and go to Crawley Hospital (the Saturn Centre) straight away if you can, or at least within 72 hours of the rape or assault.

It happened a long time ago - is there anything I can do?

It doesn't matter how long ago the rape or sexual assault happened.  It still helps to tell someone and to be able to talk about it with people who understand what you are going through.

What happens if I report to the Police?

If you contact Sussex Police they aim to carry out a thorough investigation with your welfare and safety as a priority.  They have a team of specially trained officers who will do everything they can to treat you and your family with care and sensitivity throughout any investigation, court proceedings and beyond.

For more information, see the Sussex Police website.

What is the Saturn Centre?

The Saturn Centre provides a range of services to anyone who has been raped or sexually assaulted. Services are available to women or men.

You don't have to be referred. All you need to do is ring us first to make an appointment.

Visit the Saturn Centre's website.

What sort of help is available for victims of sexual abuse?

The main services are counselling and emotional support, and advocacy services.  Independent Sexual Violence Advisors (ISVAs) provide help for people who have reported to the Police and need support through the Court process.