Many people are taken in by fraudsters - criminals that use clever tactics and tricks to try and manipulate their victims. However you're feeling or whenever the crime took place, you can talk to someone from Victim Support in complete confidence.

Fraud is when someone steals property, goods or money by tricking, or trying to trick you.

Some common words to describe types of fraud include: 'scam', 'con', 'trick', 'sham', 'false representation' 'swindle', 'deceit', and many more.One common tactic used by fraudsters is to use a false identity to commit crimes.

For example: 
  • They might use fake name badges and identification. 
  • They might deceive you into buying goods or services that are not for sale, or don't exist.
  • They may provide a service, often of poor quality, but charge you many times the original amount quoted, without reason.
  • They may trick you into giving them money, even large amounts, possibly over a long period of time. 
  • They may resort to trying to frighten, bully or harass you to get more money.

When you need help, contact one of the providers listed on our website.