Antisocial behaviour

Antisocial behaviour (ASB) can take on many forms, some can be legally defined as crimes, others may not be, but they may still have the same kind of effect on you.

Problems that usually get 'wrapped up' in the term antisocial behaviour can include:

  • verbal abuse or threatening behaviour 
  • vandalism 
  • graffiti 
  • noise 
  • persistent littering 
  • drunkenness 
  • 'pranks' that get out of hand

Lots of other types of 'bad behaviour' can also be considered antisocial, especially if they go on for long periods of time. Individual incidents might not look too serious, but victims can be on the receiving end for months making their life very difficult.

A lot of people and communities suffer from antisocial behaviour and the problem can affect whole streets or neighbourhoods.

Victim Support aims to help anyone who has suffered a crime and, even though some kinds of antisocial behaviour may not be classified as an 'official' crime by the police, we try to support all victims regardless of the legal stance.

We often help people suffering antisocial behaviour whether or not the police have treated it as a crime.

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